We’re thrilled to announce this year’s longlist of 20 stories for The Leicester Writes Short Story Prize 2017. The longlist was chosen from 102 submissions received during our inaugural campaign.

Stories on this year’s longlist include (in alphabetical order):

  1. A Peculiar Circle by Matthew Rhodes
  2. An Evening Out by Asha Krishna
  3. Aunty by C. G. Menon
  4. Blackbird by Maureen Cullen
  5. Cinnamon Fletcher by Jon Wilkins
  6. Deadly by Simon Bland
  7. Death and Biscuits by Bev Haddon
  8. Five by Lynne E. Blackwood
  9. Inside out by Farrah Yusuf
  10. L’ile des Somnambules by Chad Bentley
  11. Metropolis by Marianne Whiting
  12. Real Love by Jack Wedgbury
  13. Suicide Vending Machine by Thomas Welsh
  14. Switching off the Metronome by Siobhan Logan
  15. The Chase by Amy Bell
  16. The Child Kingdom by Andrew Moffat
  17. The Man Who Wasn’t by Karl Quiqley
  18. The Pink Feather Boa Incident by Katherine Hetzel
  19. We Went There by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt
  20. Where to Stay, What to Do by Lindsey Fairweather

All the stories featured on our longlist will be published in our prize anthology. A shortlist will now be selected by our esteemed judging panel, including writers Rebecca Burns, Divya Ghelani, Nina Stibbe, and Grace Haddon as well as bookseller, Debbie James.

We aim to make our shortlist announcement on April 24, 2017.