2019 Longlist

We’re delighted to announce this year’s longlist of 20 stories for The Leicester Writes Short Story Prize 2019. The longlist was chosen from 150 submissions received.

Stories on this year’s longlist include (in alphabetical order):

Afterimage by Grace Haddon

Amended Endings by Sharon Boyle

As Yet Unpublished by Bev Haddon

Asylum by Patricia M. Osborne

Because Sometimes Something Happens by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

Black Eyes and Love Hearts by Vanessa Farmery

California Dreamin’ by Cath Barton

Corundum Noir by Bev Haddon

 Five Strong Colours by Donna Brown

Horton Street by Selma Carvalho

Last Dance at Plum and Woolston’s Cindy George

Le Petit Oiseau by Sara Hodgkinson

Our Special Words for Things by Dan Brotzel

Promises by Thomas Morgan

Social Conditioning by Dianne Bown-Wilson

The Aqua Skating Dress by Emma Lee

The Bridge by Catherine Day

The Edge of Love by Richard Hooton

The Last of the Horse Watchers by Mark Newman

The New Boy by Mary Byrne

All the stories featured on our longlist will be published in our prize anthology. A shortlist and winners will now be selected by our fantastic judging panel, including writers Rebecca Burns, Jonathan Taylor and Susmita Bhattacharya.

We aim to make our shortlist announcement by mid-May.

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